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You asked, we answered. Frequently asked questions about Visaprom plywood

You asked, we answered.
Frequently asked questions about Visaprom plywood

Plywood is an integral part of various buildings and spaces. It can be used as decoration, wall and ceiling protection, as well as for purposes such as soundproofing and fire protection. Plywood is made from a variety of materials, which include wood, plaster, styrofoam, and other types of panels, making it adaptable to different needs and styles. It plays an important role in interior architecture and design.

Since we manufacture poplar plywood, we come across some questions frequently asked by our customers.

We’ll do our best to answer them. 

These are just a few of the many questions we have received on our website


What types of wood are used to make plywood?

  • Is plywood fire-resistant?
  • What dimensions and thicknesses of plywood do we produce in our facilities?
  • Is plywood water-resistant and suitable for exterior use?
  • Is plywood available in stock or does it need to be pre-ordered?
  • Is there a set of special instructions for handling and storing plywood? 


These are just some of the questions customers often want to ask plywood manufacturers and sellers. If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to contact us for more information.


What types of wood are used to make plywood? 

Plywood can be made from different types of wood, such as poplar, beech, spruce, pine, ash, and others. Poplar wood, for instance, is considered fire-resistant, while beech wood comes with a unique texture and color. Spruce plywood is often used for interior construction, while pine plywood is in many cases the preferred choice for exterior use. The wood used to make plywood can be protected from fire in accordance with standards and regulations. For example, certain types of plywood are covered with special coatings which help them maintain their structural stability in the event of a fire. Here at Visa-Prom, we use poplar wood, which is naturally fire-resistant.

Poplar wood is fire-resistant due to its very nature. It contains a high percentage of water and a low concentration of carbon, making it difficult to ignite and burn. In addition, poplar wood contains chlorophyll, which helps to suppress the spread of flames in the immediate surroundings. All these properties make poplar wood fire-resistant. However, in the manufacture of plywood, additional treatments are usually applied during production to increase fire resistance, including coatings and impregnations.

As for fire resistance, we have already covered most of it in the previous answer. We would like to add that poplar plywood is fire-resistant, with a degree of resistance which varies depending on the thickness and quality of wood. In general, greater thickness and higher quality of wood can increase its fire resistance, which means that the fire resistance of poplar plywood with a thickness of 18 mm or more would be quite high.


What are the dimensions and thicknesses of plywood boards we manufacture?

The dimensions and thicknesses of plywood boards depend on the customer’s requirements. Standard dimensions range between 1000 and 2500 mm in length and 500 and 1300 mm in width, but other dimensions are also available upon request. As for thickness, 4 mm, 5 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm and up to 40 mm are considered standard. However, as a manufacturer, we are able to supply other non-standard thicknesses to meet the customer’s requirements.


Is plywood water-resistant and suitable for exterior use?

Poplar plywood can be moderately water-resistant, but is not as durable when exposed to water or outside humidity, which is also the case with other types of plywood. We do not recommend it for exterior use, even if it has been properly treated to increase its resistance to water.


Is plywood available in stock to be ordered on the spot or does it need to be pre-ordered?

Visa-Prom’s plans include strategic plans for the development and expansion of production capacities, as well as for improving production to increase the quality of the product. We have achieved a very high level of quality, as evidenced by product quality certificates. This has helped us to win a large number of clients from Europe. Successful business negotiations and participation in various building and construction trade fairs have also contributed to this. Our main focus is, therefore, on those clients with whom we have already established a business relationship and with whom we have signed annual and multi-annual contracts that commit us to delivering the agreed quantities. Naturally, we always leave room for new customers and we would like to suggest that you contact us directly to establish future cooperation and agree on the required quantities of our product. This also applies to all our other products such as poplar veneer and wooden pallets.


Is there a set of special instructions for handling and installing poplar plywood?

Yes, there is a set of special instructions for handling and installing poplar plywood. They include information on proper storage, transportation and installation of the boards to ensure that they serve their purpose and last a long time. We also recommend the use of proper tools and techniques for installation, as well as adherence to all prescribed standards and regulations. It is of utmost importance to read and follow the instructions carefully to make sure that poplar plywood is used correctly and safely. 


How to store poplar plywood properly?

When storing poplar plywood, there are several steps to follow to avoid damaging the material and to maintain its quality. 


These steps include: 

  • Store it in a dry and flat space, away from water and humidity.
  • Place the material on a firm surface which provides support and prevents deformation. 
  • Maintain suitable temperature in the warehouse so as not to compromise the quality of the material.
  • Store the boards in several layers and not on top of each other to avoid deformation. 
  • When necessary, use a protective film or a cover to prevent damage to the surface.

To sum it up, you should pay attention to the storage location, surface, temperature, layers, and protection of the material to ensure that poplar plywood remains in good condition and ready for use. This means that the layers should not be stacked on top of each other, but side by side. Storing the material in this way prevents deformation and keeps the material in good condition.

Poplar wood can have a high moisture content, which means that it must be handled with care and stored in appropriate conditions to avoid deformation. In Visa-Prom, we use kilns to dry the wood before it goes into production, which helps to prevent deformation and maintain the good quality of the final product. 


What are LVL panels?

LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) panels consist of multiple layers of thin wooden panels (veneers) that are bonded (welded) together under high pressure. LVL panels are widely used for the construction of walls, floors, roofs, and as structural elements of residential and commercial buildings. They are sturdier, flatter, and more stable than regular wood, and can oftentimes replace solid wood. 

These were some of the most frequently asked questions directly on our website and on our social media, where we regularly post news and discuss the latest trends in the construction industry, most of which are not directly related to the products we manufacture, but they do concern the products we sell.

If you feel there are other important questions about our product line that we have not answered, we would love to hear from you and will be happy to answer them.

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You asked, we answered. Frequently asked questions about Visaprom plywood

You asked, we answered.

You asked, we answered. Frequently asked questions about Visaprom plywood Plywood is an integral part of various buildings and spaces. It can be used as

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