Proizvodnja drvenih paleta, topolovog furnira i šper ploča: Visa-Prom d.o.o. Kanjiža

How is a pallet born? . . .

Would you like to know how a wooden pallet is made? A simple product is obtained through a complex production process.

From forest to buyer… How is a pallet born?

The wooden pallet is a very convenient means of transporting goods. It is made of basic raw material and serves a distinct purpose. However, if we want to make a top quality pallet, we need to follow the detailed manufacturing process and inspect every phase. Many companies throughout the world transport and also store their goods on our pallets in their warehouses. Knowing all this, we keep being present in the process since our pallets must always maintain the best quality offered.
Would you like to find out what our production process looks like?

Everything starts in the forest

The logs are sourced exclusively from the forest. They are then transported in large quantities on river barges, while smaller quantities are transported to our factory by road. The wood is processed in Kanjiža. This is where log-peeling and timber cutting is performed using special industrial saws.

Production process

Sawn wood is subsequently transported to the production facilities within our factory in Kanjiža, and later used for the production of pallets. Pallets are manufactured using different technologies – automatic pallet line, semi-automatic pallet machines, and pneumatic tools.

Drying facilities

In case our buyers request dry pallets, they are dried in kilns. We use energy efficient ovens. The pallets are usually dried with moisture percentage below 18% or 22%, in terms of EURO or EPAL pallets respectively. Additionally, all pallets can be dried by undergoing thermal treatment at up to 56°C in the duration of 30 minutes, all in accordance with the IPPC standard. Drying is helpful in improving the pallet quality and eliminating vermin.

Warehouses, quality control, transport

Finished pallets are marked with barcodes and stored in our warehouses within the factory complex. Thanks to barcodes, tracking pallets is much easier.

Quality control is essential – in the course of the entire manufacturing process and also prior to the forwarding of pallets to buyers. Our employees perform regular inspection of all pallets – nails, boards, stocks, etc. We make extra effort to eliminate as many subsequent complaints as possible.

Once the pallet quality control is completed and the utilization of pallets approved, the last step is their transport to buyers. We own a fleet for transport, thus delivery is made all over Serbia and Europe, directly to the buyer’s address. Furthermore, we make it possible for our buyers to collect the pallets personally at our factory in Kanjiža due to our fleet being in high demand. Since we have our own fleet we are not dependent on external transporters. We are flexible and able to deliver products according to customers’ requests.

Graphic presentation of how the production cycle operates – From forest to buyer 

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