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VISA-PROM poplar plywood for lighter building structures

VISA-PROM poplar plywood for lighter building structures

VISA-PROM plywood is light, yet sturdy. Our plywood has been specially designed for building structures, such as floors, walls, and ceilings. Its sturdiness and durability make it ideal for structural support, while its light weight makes it easy to handle and transport. These features are owed to the structure of the raw material used to manufacture VISA-PROM poplar plywood. Plywood is sturdy thanks to its structure – layers of plywood veneer glued together in the production process.

VISA-PROM poplar plywood is lighter than many other wood materials used in the construction industry. The construction industry places particular importance on the ease of handling bulky elements. When boards are manipulated, moved, pivoted, and installed on a given location, their weight plays a significant role. Keep in mind that handling heavier items requires more manpower, in order to avoid overburdening the workers. That’s why a plywood board should be designed to enable its manipulation by as few workers as possible, while meeting all the requirements of a particular construction project.

While on the subject of weight, we shouldn’t forget to mention that, for example, a poplar plywood board is significantly lighter than a particle board or OSB board. Cost-cutting is crucial in any construction project. The number of boards a truck would be able to carry in one round undoubtedly contributes to cutting costs. Let’s compare, for instance, the thickness and minimum density of one particle or OSB board, which are 22mm and around 600kg/m3, respectively, with the minimum density of poplar plywood, which is approximately 400kg/m3. It’s safe to say that the number of plywood boards which fit into a truck is much higher, not only due to their thickness, but also due to their weight, making the transport of this material considerably more cost-effective. Since we are committed to green manufacturing and a clean environment, lighter materials mean less strain on vehicles, which consequently reduces the amount of exhaust gases emitted by vehicles while transporting plywood. A single vehicle may not make much of a difference, but once you add up all of the vehicles constantly on the move, the effect could be significant. 

The structure of VISA-PROM plywood is another key element of our plywood manufacturing. VISA-PROM plywood is made solely of poplar wood, which means that no other type of wood is used in the production process. This helps us to consistently maintain high quality and exceptional technical features.

VISA-PROM plywood is manufactured exclusively in our production facilities in Kanjiža, Serbia. All of the poplar wood we use to manufacture plywood is supplied from responsibly managed forests, more precisely, from renewable poplar seedlings. Adhesive makes up nearly 10% of a plywood board, where at least 50% of fossil-based phenol has been replaced by natural wood adhesive. We can’t stress this enough, since it reduces the already low level of fossil CO2 emitted during the life cycle of VISA-PROM plywood. Moreover, our customers appreciate the fact that our poplar plywood is sustainable, while meeting all the relevant environmental standards. Plywood boards come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, and once processed by CNC machines, their potential can extend far beyond their traditional end use. 

Respecting Nature, Nurturing Quality

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